Is Writing Really Work?

Very few people understand the fact that writing articles and books to sell in order to make a living is work. I take that back. People who do not write, or who do not put their hearts into creating, do not understand that this is work. Putting words, one after the other, onto blank pages, words that are fresh and engaging, is daunting, especially when your paycheck depends on your doing this every single day. Once you have written your quota of words for one day you must sit down and do it the next day, and again the next, even if you are angry, or depressed, or demented. It is far too easy to feel as though you have had enough of the blank page waiting to be filled with your ineffable wisdom and humor, not to mention a captivating story that compels your readers to want to read more.

Oh yes, some people will say that anyone can do this sort of thing even in their sleep. Well, if you really think it is so easy, you should try it. And that is the rub; the only way your stories will be written is by taking the time to sit down to write, and then to edit, and then to edit again. I can hear people in the back of the audience saying to themselves, “Yeah, I can type more than a hundred words a minute, there should be no problem to writing several thousand words a day.”

Mmm hmm. Perhaps there shouldn’t be any problem to it, and those first few hundred words might not present any problems at all. But now that you have them on paper, what needs to come next? And, what needs to come after that? And, if you have written up a plan or an outline for your story, now that you are filling in all the blanks, does it still look as good as it did when you started making your plan? It is frighteningly easy to seriously question what looked wonderful only a few days before.

Don’t worry. You can write well. After all; writing is easy. It is a matter of putting one word after another onto the page, every single day. Just like walking; you put one foot in front of the other, until you get somewhere; you continue to put one word after another until you have told your story, and then another story. In case you think you are finished, you are not, because it is time to write another story. That is where the work comes in.

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