Interview With Maggie Brown; the Lady who makes things happen in When Mother Calls

People have told me that Maggie Brown, Josepha’s adoptive mother, is a mystery. They do not know whether to think of her as a good, or an evil character. I believe that the best way to know someone is to let that person speak for himself.
I have tried, on many occasions, to get Maggie to speak for herself, but it is nearly impossible to pin her down. She would rather be off doing anything, than have to sit down and try to explain herself or her motives. “Life is too exciting to parse it this way or that,” she told me, the last time I tried to get her to explain her motives. “I flow like the wind,” she chortles as she trips off to some other time and place. “Isn’t this world big and grand? The more I see of it, the more I want to see,” she said when she came back from a leisurely sail down the Nile, during the time of King Tut.
“You know, the kings and queens want everyone to believe they are appointed by God to rule. The Egyptians were simpler. Their kings wanted everyone to believe that they were gods. Why bother being the middle man, when you can be one of the Eternals.”
Very good, I say, but what do you want people to know about you?
“When and where you are is all in how you see things. And now, I have said enough. Too-da-loo.”
You see, she is difficult to pin down, and the more I try to do that, the worse she gets. Is Margaret Brown a guru? If she were, I wouldn’t know who her followers are. Is Margaret some sort of djinni, or fairy?
“Gracious! You need to quit analyzing things and learn to enjoy life.”
Oh? I’m sorry, Maggie. I thought you had left. Now that you are here, would you be willing to let me interview you?
“It would be interesting, but you will have to do it on my terms.”
And, what are your terms, Maggie?
“Let’s see. I will only answer those questions I feel like answering. This should make it nice and short, because I know you won’t be able to think of any questions that I feel like answering.”
What do you mean? Of course I will be able to think of questions to ask you. Good questions. I have one at the top of my head, right now. What is your real relationship with Josepha?
“Now, Genevieve, you know I can’t answer that. I found her. That is all there is to it.”
And what were you doing in Wayfarer’s Park, that you just happened to find her?
“Doing? I lived there. Wayfarer’s Park and the land surrounding it had been my home for many years.”
I thought Ethan Brown owned that land.
“Yes. But you see, I owned it before he did. My family had lived there for generations before my sister gave birth to him.”
Are you saying that you are Josepha’s great aunt? How is it that Ethan didn’t know you, when you went back to that time and place?
“Because, as far as he ever knew, I disappeared when he was a very small boy. According to the stories I planted just after I left, I ran away with a wild Indian. In fact, it was an Indian Shaman who showed me how the stone worked. But that was a while ago. Or, was it only yesterday? Sometimes I get mixed up. My sister understood. She knew I had taken off for other times and places, but she wanted to stay with her husband, Arthur Brown and raise her son, Ethan. She still loves to take vacations with me. Time travel can be so rewarding.
"Good Bye"

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