Censorship Anyone?

19-06-13 Censorship article

How, as writers and thinking people, should we deal with distressing political issues? The media, at the behest of certain of the powers that be in this country, has been censoring much that is not on what I would call the far out left agenda. Among other things, they are not promoting transsexual genders, and that is frightening. Today they are promoting sex change surgery for young children — children who are at an age when they want to experiment with being and doing everything. Children should be permitted to experiment and learn as much as they can about this world. However, the prescribed surgery is painful and permanent. Your ten-year-old son cannot decide the week following his surgery that he really wants to be a boy after all. Children grow up, and when they do, they see things a lot differently than they did when they were little.
In the town of Wilton, home of Josepha and Maggie Brown, certain activists have called those things child abuse. Maggie has even taken some people forward and back in time to let them see the effects of gelding a child. But, that is another story.
I used to consider myself to be on the left, as far as ideological thinking in the US goes. I have always been, and still am, in favor of promoting the rights of the common man. The men and women who get up every morning to work at jobs that are less than fulfilling, in order to make sure their families have a comfortable roof over their heads and good food in their bellies. I have always been in favor of mending the welfare system. As it stands, it penalizes women for being on welfare, then it penalizes them again when they find any sort of work. I have always voted in favor of policies that protect the rights of people who do not have the money to buy that protection. After all, the trend is to consider the wealthy in this country, too big to fail, and they are therefore held to different standards, or no standards at all, while the rest of us bow down in rapt admiration of the wealthy ones.
However, due to censorship, you will never hear me say that the Left in this country has gone loopy. Remember those pussy hat marches, and slut walks staged by young women across the country? The protesters appeared to be mostly college age girls, who did not have any idea what the issues were, or indeed, if there were any. I thought it was something that had come down through some government shill, to compel the women to do something that was worthless, while other, more sinister legislation made its way through congress.
The protesters in the town of Wilton, home of Josepha and her adoptive mother, Maggie, turned many heads, when a line of proud young men, wearing large pink and brown dick hats, with gold streamers coming out from the tops, marched proudly beside the young women in their rainbow-colored pussy-hats. After all, every man who is named Richard has had to deal with the nick-name Dick. Some of them even wore hats that included colored women and transgender people. As no one could figure out what a transgender person’s sexual organs might look like, people who chose to represent them wore combination hats. Some of those people wore eye makeup in a rainbow of colors, and some of them wore Groucho Marx glasses with those great big noses. After all, the parade had to include everyone.
Do not tell anyone that I posted this on my blog. Google’s algorithm is likely to censor the entire website, and you, dear friends, would not be able to read it. I do not know whether the world is becoming more dangerous for intellectuals who question what is happening, or whether I am simply becoming paranoid in my old age. Let me know your thoughts on this. In the meantime, keep on writing. You will never know whether your thoughts need to be censored until you get them down on paper. Life is great.

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