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When Mother Calls

When Mother Calls has been written to the acclaim of all my friends. In fact, each one of them bought a copy of this book.

Josepha, the main character, is a young woman who is caught up in the tiresome grind of working at a job that is often frustrating, while catering to the whims of Maggie, her adoptive mother. There are times when Josepha feels as though the burden is too much, and she longs for a change.

This change comes on a night when Josepha is particularly tired, and she simply wants to curl up in a warm bed with a good book. It begins when Maggie calls, begging Josepha to come to her home for a seance. The seance proves to be more interesting than Josepha expects it should be, even though she sleeps through it.

As a result, she is catapulted into a decidedly different world, where the spirits of the dead are likely to intrude on one at any time of day or night, and time travel is commonplace.

The e-book is available here.

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About the Author

Genevieve Fosa has been a ghostwriter for nearly twenty years, helping people to write their novels and memoirs. Recently, she looked at herself in the mirror and came to the conclusion that it was high time she wrote some books in her own name. After all, if she did not begin to do so — and soon — she never would.

Now, while she still helps others with their writing, she spends most of her time spinning fantasy stories, watching her characters take shape, and imposing all sorts of obstacles towards their achieving their dreams.

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